Apple Snails

Apple Snail
Latin Name:
The most common aquarium species is the Florida Apple Snail - Pomacea paludosa

Common Name: Apple Snail

Origin: Apple Snails are found worldwide in the tropics

Size: Up to 4 inches (10 cm), but usually smaller

Suggested Minimum Tank Size:
5 gallon +

Preferred Temperature:
64-80°F (18-28°C)
Special Considerations:
Apple Snails are the King of Aquarium Snails. They get bigger, they come in many colors and are not prone to overpopulate their aquarium. Since they lay their eggs above the water line and they are easy to see it takes very little effort to control the population.

Most Apple Snails are most active at night but if you are shopping for them try to pick one that is active during the light because there are exceptions to the rule.

Apple Snails are avid plant eaters, they just will not do in a planted aquarium. They eat any kind of vegetable matter live or dead. Feeding them is easy, they eat everything.

Apple Snails can be a beautiful addition to your unplanted tiny tank.
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