One of my Microworm cultures, the worms are crawling up the sides of the container for easy harvesting.
Microworms are one of the easiest Live Foods to raise for your fish. The picture is one of my typical Microworm cultures. Its one of those freezer safe plastic boxes you can find almost anywhere for a very reasonable price. Add a little something for them to eat and live in and you are set.
Cornmeal, Instant Potatoes, Oatmeal, Baby Cereal, a slice of bread.. all these are acceptable as food and home for Microworms. Whichever you use mix it to a thick milkshake consistancy and add a teaspoon of Microworms and your culture is good to go. If it is growing too slow for you just add a pinch of yeast.
As you can see from the picture, after a few days the Microworms will have reproduced in such mass that they start crawling up the sides of the container. Thats mighty nice of them because it makes it so easy to harvest them. Just scrape your finger along the sides and then swish it in the aquarium. Soo easy! You can use a knife to scrape the worms off if you prefer.
I usually do use a knife and swish the worms off into a cup of water so that I can dispense the Microworms out to several tanks using a baby medicine dropper or turkey baster.
Most small fish or fry will eagerly eat Microwoms and the worms last a long time in the aquarium.
Microworms are the perfect live food for tiny fish of all ages.
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