Vinegar Eels


Here is my Vinegar Eel set-up

This culture is really going strong, you can see some of the eels gathered at the top.
Vinegar Eels are extremely easy to keep and culture. All you need is some Apple Cider Vinegar and a starter culture of eels and you are ready to start farming Vinegar Eels.
You can use just about any kind of non-metal water tight container to house the eels. They feed on bacteria produced in vinegar so you never need to feed them anything else, as with Microworms, they live in and eat the same stuff. You can add a very small piece of apple to speed the culture along if you feel it needs it.
Harvesting Vinegar Eels is simply a matter of pouring some of the culture fluid thru a small mesh net or coffee filter and inverting it into a cup of water. Save the strained culture fluid and return it to the main culture jar as it still holds untold thousands of baby eels. Now you can dispense the harvested eels with a baby medicine dropper or turkey baster.
Most small fish or fry will gobble up any Vinegar eels they find and the eels will live a very long time in the aquarium.
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