White Cloud Mountain Minnow


White Cloud Mountain Minnow

Tanichthys albonubes
Latin Name: Tanichthys albonubes

Common Name:White Cloud Mountain Minnow

Origin: Guangdong China

Size: 1½ inches (4 cm)

Suggested Minimum Tank Size: 5 gallon +

Preferred Temperature:
64-76°F (18-22°C)
Special Considerations:
White Clouds are one of the best fish for Tiny Tanks, they need no heater as White Clouds do well in cooler temperatures.
White Clouds are the easiest egg layer to spawn in the home aquarium, usually you can just sit back and wait for fry to grow up in the tank.
A 5 gallon is suggested as the minimum tank size in order to allow them room to school around, you need at least 5 fish to make a good school.
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