Neoheterandria elegans


Neoheterandria elegans
Latin Name: Neoheterandria elegans

Common Name:Tiger Teddy

Origin: Columbia

Size:1 inch (2.5cm)

Suggested Minimum Tank Size: 1 gallon +

Preferred Temperature:
68-80°F (20-27°C)

Sexual Differences: Males more colorful

Special Considerations: Plants, clean water

Availability: Extremely Rare

Neoheterandria elegans is a tiny fish, barely reaching 1 inch for females and even less for the active little males. Coming from freshwater streams and ponds in Columbia elegans are suited to normal household temperatures and do very well in normal tapwater; treated for chlorine removal of course.
This tiny fish is always active and moving around. It will eat just about any of the normal aquarium foods. As always small live foods are the best foods.
Neoheterandria is a livebearer and will soon populate the tank with lots of fry. The fry need very little special care, they will even grow and prosper on flake foods.
This is a perfect fish for the Tiny Tank.
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