Susswassertang or Round Leaf Pellia

Susswassertang Pellia

Susswassertang or Round Leaf Pellia
Latin Name: - undetermined Lomariopsis species

Common Name:Susswassertang or Round Leaf Pellia

Origin: Asia

Size: Foreground plant, stays small, spreads

Lighting Conditions:
Low to Medium

Preferred Temperature:
Very tolerant, adapts to most freshwater aquarium conditions
Availability: Somewhat rare right now but it should be more available in he future

Special Considerations:
Susswassertang is actually a fern, not a Liverwort. It grows well underwater or above water. This is a very easy to keep aquarium plant.

It has no rigid requirements. Does not need added co2. It can be easily planted, mainly just placed on the floor of the aquarium or can be tied or secured to driftwood or rocks and other decorations.

To reproduce you only need to replant cuttings.
Highly recommended for your tiny tank.
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