Water Sprite

Water Sprite

Water Sprite


Latin Name: Ceratopteris Species

Common Name:Water Sprite

Origin: Found almost worldwide in tropical regions

Lighting Conditions:
Medium to Bright

Preferred Temperature:
68-80°F (20-27°C)

Special Considerations:

Easy to keep, fast growing. Water Sprite can be planted or left floating.
It is very easy to keep. It will prosper under bright light. It grows very fast and will quickly populate a small aquarium. It provides hiding, security for your fish and beauty to your aquarium.
Livebearer and Killifish fry thrive with Water Sprite. The roots of the free floating plant is an excellent place for fry to hide.
Water Sprite oxygenates the water and promotes the growth of a multitude of microscopic organisms that may become food sources for your fish. It is an excellent beginners plant, one of my personal favorites.
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